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New year new post

It’s been a long time since my last post… my apologies.

The first post of this new year will be about Ubuntu. It’s been 9 months since I stop using Windows at home and at work and start using Ubuntu as my primary OS (only use Windows in a virtual machine). The reason for the switch was because Ubuntu offers me everything I need, FOR FREE. I only use Windows for developing.

I shift because since Windows XP hadn’t saw any good reason to shift to any other version of Windows.  Why? Because I don’t need and OS that eats all my memory doing stupid things like shiny colors, stupid effects, etc, etc, etc. You can say you can turn that stupid things off… Yes but that doesn’t solve the problem it just minimize it.

At home and at work almost every thing is running linux. Even the home server I switched for a windows home server to a Ubuntu server. The only thing It’s no using linux, yet, it’s the phone.


So for this new year I will do some posts about .Net and about Ubuntu and you should also expect some news about a project I’m working on at home.

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